2020 New product Freeze dryer Food Lyophilizer

2020 New product Freeze dryer Food Lyophilizer

2020 New product Freeze dryer Food Lyophilizer

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What is a freeze dryer? How does it work?
Freeze dryer and lyophilizer are synonymous names for the same equipment. 

A freeze dryer executes a water removal process typically used to preserve perishable materials, 

to extend shelf life or make the material more convenient for transport. 

Freeze dryers work by freezing the material, 

then reducing the pressure and adding heat to allow the frozen water in the material to sublimate.



Freeze Dryer is suitable for freeze drying any liquid and solid material. Its effective shelf area is 2m2, 

and tray area is 2m2, fresh raw material loading capacity 20kg/batch. 

The quantity of freeze dried product would be different as the difference of water content of raw products, approximately 15-40% of the raw product. The time of food freeze drying: 16-24 hours/batch, also decided mostly by water content of raw products; the freeze dry time of biological, pharmaceutical and chemical: 50-100 hours/batch. The freeze dried food has no color and shape change, no loss of flavor and nutrient, and very crispy, therefore, it is an ideal way of drying any type of food. 

The Prospect of Freeze Drying

l  All kinds of Lyophilized Food. Any kinds of food can be freeze dried, including all kinds of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, shrimp, sea food, sources, milk, coconut water, coffee etc. Freeze dried food could be preserved longer, and most importantly it has no nutrients loss, no color and shape changing, and flavor retained without putting any additives.

l  Infant Food Supplement and Child Snacks. The freeze dried fruit & vegetable powder is 100% natural infant food supplement. And fruit slice can be made as snacks for children, without any additives and preservatives, really healthy food.

l  Outdoor and Traveling Food. Going to remote places, suppose you take freeze dried meals or noodles in your bag, you can get a bowl of delicious food within 6 minutes, just simply by adding hot water. It is so healthy, nutritious, economic and convenient!

l  Gourmet Around the World. There are so many delicious cuisine in the world. But only the people who traveled to the place, could get the chance to taste the local food. If there are freeze dried food. The travelers can bring some local delicious food to their relatives or friends. As for the foreign people, without leaving home, can taste special food from different countries.

l  Fast Consumable Food. Instant noodle has a big market in China. But it takes 20 days to completely remove the toxins produced by instant noodles, if it is freeze dried, it becomes healthy instant noodle.

l  Natural Pigments Extract from Fruits and Vegetables. Extracting green from spinach, extracting yellow from pumpkin; extracting orange from carrot; extracting purple from dragon fruit; extracting red from beetroot etc. These materials are slurried and filtered. The finally liquid is freeze dried into powder, and the power will be the perfect natural pigment.

l  Natural Extracts for Health Care Products. The stevioside and mogroside extracts replace high-calorie sucrose to address the high-calorie obesity problem. A menthol extract that can be used as a scenting agent for toothpaste, perfume, beverages and fructose. Licorice extract has the effect of relieving cough.

l  Pets Food. Pets food freeze drying is a promising market. Processing the internal organs of animal with vegetables, and get them freeze dried, then the nutrient-rich pet food can be preserved for a long time.

l  Permanent Flower. Ecuador has the most beautiful and largest roses in the world. People there like to make permanent flowers. The freeze-drying process is one of the most advanced techniques for making permanent flowers.

l  Pharmaceutical production. Freeze-drying technology is irreplaceable to maximize its efficacy.

l  Biological Products. Anything to be dried, as long as it has life, only freeze drying method could retain its biological activities.

How to start your freeze dry business?

1, Select the product to be freeze dried. And make a business plan.

2, Look for the resource of raw material, those special kinds, high value, potential with cheap price raw material would be an ideal choice.

3, Look for suitable processing equipment, according to your freeze dry project, including cleaning, peeling, cutting, extraction, freeze drying and packing equipment.

4, Prepare a suitable factory according to the dimension of processing equipment and production procedure. The planning of your freeze drying factory will be aim at future.

5, Product packing design, packing material choosing, packing bag making. A good packing could stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

6, Open up market and sell your product. Freeze dried food is absolutely new to all of your customers. It’s amazing to be their FIRST supplier with continuous orders. How to sell your freeze dried products?

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The Nutrient Content of Fresh Fruits and FD Fruits 

(Strawberry laboratory)

Strawberry freeze dried with maximum heating temperature of 40°CVacuum pressure<50Pa.

Technical Parameter

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Conductive type

Ice capacity (kg/batch)






Condenser temperature (°C)






Shelf temperature (°C)

-30 to 60

-30 to 60

-30 to 60

-30 to 60

-30 to 60

Product cooling

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