Containerized Direct System Mach Ice Block Machine

Containerized Direct System Mach Ice Block Machine

Containerized Direct System Mach Ice Block Machine


Detailed parameter as follow:

Payment terms 30% as deposit, balance should be paid off before shipment
Packing Wooden case
Delivery time 15days
After sell Offer 1 year warranty and technology support
2. Model: FSB02:
Power supply 380V/ 3Phase/50Hz
Capacity 2 tons/24h
Power 5.5kw
Refrigerant R22
Cooling system Water cooling
Vapourization temperature -18degree
Condensing temperature +40degree
Water cooling condenser power 0.75kw
Ambient temperature
Brand of compressor brand: US Copeland(Semi-closed)
Horse power: 6HP
Size of ice block 220*80*560mm
Weight of ice block 10kg/piece
Quantity of ice 25pieces/time(3hours for 1 batch)
Dimension unknown
Total weight unknown
Density of ice 500-550kg/m3
3. FSB02 main configuration list:
Compressor US Copeland (Semi-closed)
China famous brand
Expansion valve
Danfoss from Danmark
Electromagnetic valve
China famous brand
Water-cooled condenser China famous brand
Power China famous brand

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Detailed  parameter  as  follow:
Payment  terms30%  as  deposit,   balance  should  be  paid  off  before  shipment
packingWooden  case
Delivery  time15days
After  sellOffer  1  year  warranty  and  technology  support
2. model: FSB02  :

Power  supply380V/  3Phase/50Hz

capacity2  tons/24h



Cooling  systemWater  cooling

vapourization   temperature-18C

condensing  temperature+40C

Water  cooling  condenser  power0.75kw

ambient  temperature


Brand  of  compressorbrand: US  Copeland(Semi-closed)

Horse  power: 6HP

Size  of  ice  block220*80*560mm

Weight  of  ice  block10kg/piece

Quantity  of  ice 25pieces/time(3hours  for  1  batch)


Total  weightunknown

Density  of  ice500-550kg/m3

3. FSB02  main  configuration  list:
compressorUS  Copeland  (Semi-closed)


China  famous  brand

expansion  valve

Danfoss  from  Danmark

electromagnetic  valve

China  famous  brand

Water-cooled  condenserChina  famous  brand

powerChina  famous  brand




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