Juice Dispenser Juice, Pass CE Certificate

Juice Dispenser Juice, Pass CE Certificate

Juice Dispenser Juice, Pass CE Certificate


Juice Dispenser juice, coffee maker pass CE certificate

1. Hot & cool beverage dispenser
· It caters for hotel, restaurant, shopping center, school and so on;
· Suitable for keeping milk, juice, milk tea, water and other kinds of beverage fresh and hot.
· Having spraying mode and mixing mode, suitable to fruit juice, Soybean milk and milk for different flavors;
· Making of stainless steel structure. The juice container is made of food grade PC plastic.
· Flexible voltage, frequency and refrigerant for choice:

2. Model Power Capacity
MY115 225W 1*15L
MY230 325W 2*15L
MY345 690W 3*15L

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Maikeku International Group was founded in 2007. Before establishment of our group
Corporation, we devoted ourself on ice cream industry and run in food processing
Refrigerating equipments. After decades of hard work and customers support, we not only
Become professional in producing, sale and warranty service, but also invent new technology
Which make us lead ahead in the field both at home and abroad.
We are confident that Maikeku and Thakon will step toward a bright future with you and our
Principle is "Honest Trading With Wholehearted Service. "

ModelSize Power Capacity Horse power
 MK01 590*210*810MM 380W 15L 0.4P
 MK02 590*420*810MM 580W 2*15L 0.6P
 MK03 590*630*810MM 830W 3*15L 0.9P
 MK04 590*840*810MM 1100W 4*15L 1 P

Capacity(L) 1,2,34X15L 
Voltage(V) 110~120V /220~240V 50/60Hz
Power(W)  Cooling380W-1100W
Cold Tem (ºC)  7~12
Hot Tem( ºC)  52~58

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